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Job Evaluation

Why is Job Evaluation Important in 2013?

Carleton’s Pay Equity Plan was developed in 1991 – it was recognized then that the classification system was not gender neutral, not compliant with Pay Equity Legislation and that it would have to be replaced because it only measures two factors:  skill and responsibility.  Finally, more than 20 years later, the CUPE 2424 Job Evaluation Steering Committee (JESC) is on the road to working with Carleton University in a Joint Job Evaluation Committee (JJEC) to develop a new gender neutral job evaluation plan that will measure four factors:  skill, responsibility, effort and working conditions.  

What is Job Evaluation? Click here for the Power Point Presentation.


J. E. N. #1 - August 2009

J. E. N. #2 - April 2011

J. E. N. Update - March 2013


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