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We are the Union/Our Structure/Our Committees

Committees are important to the work that we do as a union. It gives our members who have the time, skills or desire a chance to get involved in their workplace in meaningful ways other than that reflected in our job descriptions.

One goal of our union is to improve the economic and social conditions of all CUPE 2424 members and being a part of a union committee can strengthen the feeling of being invested in your workplace community. Another goal is to defend and to extend the democratic rights of 2424 employees at Carleton; we are partners in this enormous exercise of educating students and our committees work to ensure that we will be successful in the pursuit of that goal.

Working on committees will not only broaden your understanding of how the union works but you will gain knowledge of how the campus works. It can give you an insight into the structural changes that are taking place in post-secondary education in general and Carleton in particular. For instance, if you elect to join the Health and Safety Committee training will be provided that will help you to identify ways of managing these changes and to promote changes that will ensure we work in a healthy and safe environment.

Working on committees also has a social aspect because it will introduce you to people whom you wouldn’t ordinarily meet in your job.

Our Local has eight (8) standing committees who work on workplace issues. The volunteers who work on these committees help to develop and advocate for programs that improve our workplaces—from health and safety to human rights and fighting discrimination. Each committee is equally beneficial to the group and unique in its responsibilities.

Disabilities Action Committee

Posted Apr 16, 2014 10:16 AM

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