Administrative, technical, and library staff at Carleton University

Career Development

Career Development Application Form


28.01 The Union and the Employer recognize the principle of human resource development and to this end the Employer commits to implement a Staff Development Program.

28.02 The Employer and the Union agree that there is a mutuality of interest in this area. The Employer agrees to consult with the Union to discuss development needs and proposed or contemplated programs.

28.03 Time Off to Attend Credit Courses Employees may make application to the department head with a copy to Human Resources to
take time off, subject to the needs of the office, department and library division, to take credit courses which are only offered during the day. Such time taken shall be made up at the straight time rate, except that an employee will not be required to make up such time absent in cases where the course is directly job related. Permission shall not be unreasonably withheld.


28.04 This article does not apply to replacement or casual employees.

28.05 Career Development

(a) Career Development is defined as:

(i) those activities designed to prepare an employee for another position within the University; or
(ii) those activities which may increase the ability of an employee to meet potential requirements of the Employer.


(b) Career development is the responsibility of the employee. The Employer will endeavour to support the training and development needs of the employee to meet her/his career goals within the University.
An employee may apply for financial assistance for career development. Employees must make application and receive approval for funding of the course from Human Resources prior to registration.


(c) The Employer shall contribute to the Union Career Development Fund the amount of $50,000 for employees who request financial assistance for career development. The Fund shall be administered by Human Resources under the guidelines which are appended to this Agreement.
The Employer will contribute $15,000 per year to a career development fund for IT workers, to be administered by Human Resources. The guidelines for this fund will be the same as those for the Career Development Fund with the exception that any money not used by the end of the year will not be carried over to the next year. The Employer will provide the Union with semi-annual statements. These statements will include the names, classifications, departments and activities requested for all applicants. Amounts allocated for all selected applicants shall also be included.


(d) If the employee requests time away from normal work hours to attend the course, he/she must obtain approval for absence from work of the department head in advance. The department head will take into account operational requirements. Approval will not be unreasonably withheld.

28.06 This Article does not apply to job-related training, which is the responsibility of the Employer through the individual departments.